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A sanitary napkin, sanitary towel, sanitary pad, menstrual pad, or pad is an absorbent item worn by a woman while menstruating, recovering from vaginal surgery, for lochia (post-birth bleeding), after an abortion, or in any other situation where it is necessary to absorb a flow of blood from the vagina.

Currently, we have a lot many companies selling sanitary pads and depending on one’s personal requirements you may choose any brand. While surfing the social media I landed on a profile “Nua Woman”….and thought that again a new sanitary brand entered the female market ….while going through their profile I came to know that they are having a website that sells only the sanitary pads and this is the reason which made me more curious about “Nua Woman”.

I surfed their website and one more time this brand amazed me They are providing sanitary pads in three different variants. Now you might think what variants a sanitary pad can have. But here comes the concept that makes “Nua Woman” stand out.

Let us start with its packaging:

Outer Packaging: Nua Woman comes in a box packaging. The box has 15 pads with three variants light flow, medium flow, and heavy flow

The pads come in individual wrapping differentiated by colors Red (heavy flow), Blue(medium flow) , Pink( light flow)

How it Works

Set up your Nua subscription in just two easy steps. Then choose the payment method you want. And the best part? No commitments, no obligations. Use Nua exactly how you need to, by adapting your Nua experience to match your requirements at any time.

Create your pack

Select your assortment of pads, for your heavy, medium and light flow days. Pick the suggested configuration if you’re unsure. You can always change it in your next order.

Build your subscription

Choose how many packs you need, and how often you would like your order delivered. Remember: If you need more or fewer packs the next time, you can always modify your order.
How to pay
Automated payments
Paying for your Nua experience is a simple process: Just use your credit card to automate payments. We’ll let you know each time before we’re shipping your order and charging your card. Once you’ve set it up, we’ll make sure your order reaches you every time you need it like clockwork.

Need another option? Use prompted payments

Don’t you have a credit card? You can choose from a variety of alternative payment options including debit cards, net banking, and select wallets. We’ll prompt you each time your order is ready.

No commitments

Whichever payment method you choose, you can always modify, pause or cancel your plan at any time. No risk, no stress, no obligations.

Key points

  1. It works on a subscription base model. You can subscribe for the product and you will get 15 sanitary pads delivered to you before your menstrual date.
  2. They have few questions where they ask for your dates and the number of light, medium and heavy flow days.
  3. Pads come in individual envelopes which makes them disposing of conveniently .
  4. Since it comes in cute individual envelopes for it can be carried out everywhere without feeling shy, since men won’t be able to judge that it is a sanitary pad 👅
  5. It helps to avoid the use of poly bags so it’s eco-friendly too.
  6. It can be customized as per the requirements.
You can get your package here

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