Puducherry / Pondicherry

One of the most astonishing and eye-catching Union Territories Of India,’ Puducherry’ is a peaceful city in the southern part of India which represents the French culture. It is a perfect amalgamation of the traditional Indian sensibilities making it a dreamy escape that offers the best of both worlds. The union territory has lots to offer from mouth-watering delicacies to adventurous water sports.



Puducherry was a French colony in the 17th century, the territories of French India were completely transferred to the Republic of India on 1 November 1954, and became the present Indian constituent union territory of Pondicherry.


Places to visit

Paradise Beach

Locally known as Plage Paradiso, it is located in Chunnambar, close to Puducherry town. Embellished with warm sand, this famous and highly sought beach is always swaying in a cold sea breeze, making it an ideal spot for couples, sports enthusiasts, and other travellers. One can not afford to miss the joy-filled journey in reaching this small beautiful isolated beach in the ferry, from the boathouse, that bypasses green and thick mangrove woodlands, to make its way to Paradise beach.


Sri Aurobindo Ashram

One of the most peaceful and spiritual tourist places, Sri Aurobindo Ashram was founded in 1926 by Sri Aurobindo The ashram is sprawling and has libraries, it hosts many activities such as sports, asanas, strength training and swimming. At the centre of the ashram is the mausoleum of Sri Aurobindo under a frangipani tree. This ashram is the best place to find peace and your inner self.


Gokilambal Thirukameswar Temple

Nestled in a tiny town of Villianur, Gokilambal Thirukameswar Temple is a serene temple where Lord Shiva is worshipped.

Also known as Villianur Temple, is a renowned temple of worship of Hindus. Temple showcases the French culture and organises a car festival that reflects the French heritage when devotees take a high chariot of 15 metres across the streets of the small town. Here, the Shiva is revered as Kameeswarar in the form of the lingam.



Recognised as ‘The City Of Dawn’, Auroville is a futuristic township that aims to unite people from all around the world belonging to different races, nationality and let them live in harmony.

The huge golden globe-like structure at the centre of Auroville is the Matri mandir, which is a massive meditation centre where one could just sit and focus.



For deep divers of history, this archaeological site of India was built back in the 19th century and is decorated with roman lamps, stone beads, glassware and several other historical objects. This emporium features several red and black ceramic statues. Located at a distance of around 20 km from the French colonial town of the union territory, Arikamedu is an old Roman trade centre away from common Tamil tourism places. The name of the place has been derived from the Tamil word- ‘Arikamedu’ which means ‘dissolving mount’. 


Serenity Beach

At a distance of 10 km, Serenity Beach is an isolated beach and a perfect honeymoon haven in the suburbs of the UT in Kottakuppam. Originally recognised as Thanthirayan Kuppam Beach or Kottakuppam Beach, the tag of Serenity has been derived from the Spa-Resort-Inn that was situated here with the same name.

High serenity and sun-touching sands among the sparkling waters make it a panoramic spot for sunbathing on the Bay of Bengal. Sea-facing resorts here add on the romance for the honeymoon couples here.


The Basilica Of  The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Basilica Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus is known for its elegant architecture.

It is known for having the glass pictures of 28 saints and many glass panels depicting the life of Jesus making it a popular place among tourists and locals. Devotees gather here for offering prayer to the almighty.


Best time to visit Puducherry

The best time to visit Puducherry starts in October and continues till the month of March. This place has different charms in different seasons and you can visit Pondicherry via rail or aeroplane.


  Activities To Do In Puducherry

  •   Scuba diving at Temple Adventures Centre
  •   Surfing at Auroville beach
  •   Sunrise at Promenade beach
  •   Yachting, Yoga, Drinks, Dance at Mahe Beach
  •   Houseboat ride at Chunnambar Boat House


Delectable dishes of Pondicherry

dishes recommended by rajshree upadhyaya

  •  Prawn Risotto and chicken biryani
  •  Multani paneer tikka
  •  Medu vada and sambar
  •  Minced beef patties
  •  Khowsuey
  • Tamarind fish curry and ratatouille


Must-Visit Restaurants

restaurant recommended by rajshree upadhyaya

  • Carte Blanche
  • Le Dupleix
  • Appachi Chettinad
  • La Maison Rose
  • Le Pondy

Hotels To Stay

hotels recommended by rajshree upadhyaya

Budget-Friendly Stays

  • Rainbow Cottages
  • Le Holiday Inn
  • Mermaid Island Beach House
  • Le Serenity Residence
  • Istana Resort



  • Le Pondy
  • Le Royal Park
  • Ocean Spray
  • La Villa
  • Devis Grand
  • Hotel De Petit




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