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Top 10 essentials for the spring season

Here are the top 10 essentials for the spring season. Have a look. 1 White Jeans: It will help you feel bright and fresh for the longer days and because of the white base whichever color you are going to wear at the top will always stand out. 2 Ankle Strap Sandals: The sandals will … Continue reading “Top 10 essentials for the spring season”

Top 10 female wardrobe essentials

Here is the top 10 pick for you: 1 A plain white tee A plain white tee is not only useful for a casual day out but can be mix with a jacket that can make a perfect outfit for you. 2 Simple stud earrings Simple stud earrings are accurate for the casual day out, … Continue reading “Top 10 female wardrobe essentials”

Style tips on how to wear chokers

Chokers can make your whole look completely change and make you look more attractive and classy sometimes. Here are some style tips to make your look more stylish and elegant. Before buying a choker, you should consider the length and width of your neck. If your neck is long, then an outspread choker will look … Continue reading “Style tips on how to wear chokers”

5 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Must Own

Every woman is beautiful and has her own way of styling herself, but there are always a few checkpoints which should not be missed or you can say that you cannot-miss. So here we are back with the series and these five jewelry pieces must own by every woman irrespective of their personal style or … Continue reading “5 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Must Own”

Common Misconceptions About Exercise

Here are some of the most trending myths or misconceptions in people’s mind about exercise: 1 Exercise gives liberty to eat junk food As we all know our bodies are highly dependant on what we eat. Even if we workout daily, it doesn’t mean we forget the diet chart or plan. 2 Lifting weights make … Continue reading “ Common Misconceptions About Exercise”

Time Management Tips For A Productive Day

We all have 24-hours in a day. But, most of us think that some people can get the most out of every minute of the day?  Want to become a master of time management? Then follow these top 15 super-powerful time management tips. Create a Time Audit Don’t get hung up on small details. Put … Continue readingTime Management Tips For A Productive Day

Top 10 essential for the Rainy Season

Here are the top ten essentials you need for the rainy season: 1 Water Proof Make up: For ladies, carrying makeup is a must thing. In the rainy season, you need to replace all your items like eyeliner, lip balm, etc with a waterproof make up. 2 Quick Dry Clothing: It doesn’t matter whether you … Continue reading “Top 10 essential for the Rainy Season”

Why sunscreen is important? When to use sunscreen. Top 5 best sunscreens.

Sunscreen helps in protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV (Ultraviolet) rays. It keeps safe the sensitive skin from sunburn. Also, it helps to reduce the skin damage from the sun which appears in the form of wrinkles, dark spots, and more.  It is highly recommended by dermatologists to apply sunscreen daily and especially … Continue reading “Why sunscreen is important? When to use sunscreen. Top 5 best sunscreens.”

Top 10 Essentials for Winter Season

Here are the top 10 essentials for the winter season. 1 Statement Coat: In the winter season, your outings play a huge role in deciding your overall look, so why not make it special? 2 Cashmere Sweater: The cashmere sweater looks awesome with a collared shirt and also goes well with everything like printed trousers, … Continue reading “Top 10 Essentials for Winter Season”

Toners -Uses And Its Benefits

  What is toner? In cosmetics, toner is generally used for skincare. It is referred to as lotion or washes made for skin cleansing and reduce the appearance of pores, mostly used on the face. Why it is important? For the complete cleansing of your skin, you should end it with a toner. A toner … Continue reading “ Toners -Uses And Its Benefits”