Common Misconceptions About Exercise

Here are some of the most trending myths or misconceptions in people’s mind about exercise:

Misconceptions About Exercise

1 Exercise gives liberty to eat junk food

As we all know our bodies are highly dependant on what we eat. Even if we workout daily, it doesn’t mean we forget the diet chart or plan.

2 Lifting weights make women bulky

This is the most common misconception in women’s minds. They even scared to join the gym because of this misconception. They should always keep this in mind that lifting weights will only make them healthier, not bulky.

3 Exercising on an empty stomach produces better results

Well, this myth is not 100% false. As it depends on your fitness goals whether you want to lose or gain weight. It is a decent alternative if you want to lose weight, but for muscle gain, you need to have a pre-workout meal.

4 Long workouts are better

The intensity of a workout matters more than the duration.

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