Look what I am doing these days to take care of my skin

Okay so summers are getting hotter day- by- day and my skin is getting demanded day -by – day. My love for social media and everyday surfing habits makes me explore new brands. During this journey, I landed upon a skincare brand “Fuschia V Kare” I ordered a bunch of products and the after experience forced me to jot down my experiences.

Here is what I ordered. So whenever I order a bunch of products together I  always order the relatable products. So here is what I ordered.

So gently wash your face with facewash just take a few drops on your fingers and apply the lather on your face to gently clean the pores deeply. I chose a red apple face wash for my skin.


If you are not a facewash person you can also use the soap. Its a cute handy small designer soap with amazing fragrance.

After washing the face apply some face gel. For my skin, I chose neem and basil face gel. Its anti-bacterial properties keep my skin acne-free and makes it clear.

face gel

Apply on your face …..keep it for 15 minutes and then rinse it with cold water to shine brighter.

And at the end apply the moisturizer to keep the moisture intact.

To order your skincare kit click here 

they also offer amazing face serums which are the next product on my wishlist


Rajshree Upadhyaya

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