Fashion Dressing tapes and Dot accessory tapes

Fashion Dressing Tape




Uses & Benefits:

Fashion Tape is a double-sided tape that is used to keep the piece of clothing in position and also to avoid a wardrobe malfunction like the edges of the strapless dress.



How to use:

Remove the pre-cut liner from one side of the tape and stick it directly to your skin or fabric, then remove the dot

her liner and paste wherever necessary.








Where & when to use:

If you think your bra would be visible while moving, you can stick the bra with clothing.

While wearing a button shirt, if there is a gap between the buttons, you can stick that as well.


Dot Accessory Tape




Uses & Benefits:

A dot accessory tape is a double-sided tape that is used to fix all the misplaced accessories. 







How to use:

The way to use is very simple, just stick the tape wherever you need a proper fixing like around the belt.






Where & when to use: Whenever you need to fix a misplaced accessory, this tape will be used. Whether you have a flappy belt, fix collar, or tie, a dot accessory tape will help.













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