Meghalaya, which means “abode of clouds” in Sanskrit, is one of the highly mesmerizing hilly states in the North-East side of India that offers an array of adventurous activities, delectable cuisines, panoramic views, and festivities to the globetrotters.

The beautiful place unfailingly bedazzles the tourists with a pretty combination of heavy clouds, ancient caves, soothing valleys, enchanting lakes, serene hills, and brimming streams. 


On 2nd April 1970, Meghalaya was given a semi-autonomous status, however, on 21st January 1972, the place attained its identity as an independent state when two districts of the state of Assam were incised.

Places to visit in Meghalaya



Also known as “Scotland of the East”, Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya and the only hill station which is approachable from all directions. The place is blessed with beautiful hills & placid lakes around it and also showcases bountiful British architecture. 


Places To Visit: Elephant Falls, Shillong Peak, Umiam Lake, Sohpetbneng Peak, Don Bosco Museum, Laitlum Canyons, Ward’s Lake, Mary Help for Christian Cathedral

Best time to visit: Sept-May



Also called Sohra, Cherrapunjee is a sub-divisional town at a high altitude in northeast India. It is famous for its rainfall and is also one of the wettest places on Earth. Living root bridges in Cherrapunji attract swashbucklers for activities like trekking, hiking, etc.

Top attractions: Double Decker Living Root Bridge, Mawsmai Cave, Nohkalikai Falls, Arwah Cave, Nohsngithiang (Seven Sisters) Falls, Krem Phyllut, The Eco Park, Dainthlen Waterfalls.

Best time to visit: Sept.-May



Given a laurel of “Cleanest village in Asia” and the “Cleanest Village in India” in 2003 and 2005, respectively, Mawlynnong is the Cleanest village that is situated on the frontier cleaving India and Bangladesh. Also known as “God’s own garden”, the place is famous for hiking trips to the living root bridge, astonishing view of the naturally balanced rock, picturesque plains of Bangladesh, and natural beauty, particularly in Monsoon. 

Places to visit: Jingmaham Living Root Bridge, Mawlynnong Village, Mawlynnong Waterfall, Brun Khongmen View Point, Balancing Rock Mawlynnong, Umngot River Dawk, Mawsmai Cave

Best time to visit: March to June



Situated in the West Garo Hills, Tura is the largest town in Meghalaya, however, looks like an undiscovered town with a serene yet mesmerizing ambiance. Nokrek National Park which is nearly 12Km away from the town is one of the famous tourist spots for fauna lovers as it is a stamping ground for animals like golden cat, leopard, wild buffalo, pheasant, etc.

Places to visit: Tura Peak, Siju Caves, Balpakram National Park, Nokrek National Park, Pelga Falls, Rongbang Dar Waterfalls

Best time to visit: Throughout the year



Established in the Jaintia Hills district, Jowai is blessed with beautiful and breathtaking glimpses along with a flavorful fusion of heritage & traditions that depicts the living style of the town brood. Lakes like Thadlaskein Lake are the major attraction of this place. 


Places to visit: Tyrshi Falls, Lalong Park, Nartiang Monoliths, Krang Suri Falls, The Thadlaskein Lake, Umlawan Cave, Jarain Pitcher Plant Lake, Syntu Ksiar

Best time to visit: March-May



Situated near the splendid Brahmaputra plains, Nongpoh is a small town in the North of the East Khasi Hills. Pleasant weather conditions, serene rivers, and plush green seedlings make it a shoo-in stoppage en route to Shillong.

Places to visit: Thrills Fun Park, Umiam Lake, Lum Nehru Park, Lum Sohpetbneng, The Road Side Market, Church of Christ.

Best time to visit: February-December 



Blessed with plentiful natural artistry, Williamnagar, formerly known as Simsanggre, is formed on the expanse of the Simsang River and is the headquarters of the East Garo Hills district. Walled by the beautiful mountains, the remote place has a wealthy composition of flora & water along with great importance from a historical point of view as the place has witnessed Garos’ friction to the British attack in the year 1837.

Places to visit: Simsang River, Naka Chikong, Domre Falls, Mrik Wari, Siju Caves, Simsang Festival

Best time to visit: Oct-Feb


Delectable dishes of Meghalaya

dishes recommended by rajshree upadhyaya

  • Jadoh
  • Momo
  • Nakham Bitchi
  • Pumaloi
  • Dohkhlieh
  • Bamboo Shoots


Must-visit Restaurants 

restaurant recommended by rajshree upadhyaya

  • City Hut Family Dhaba
  • Bamboo Hut Café
  • Qzine
  • Dejavu
  • Café Shillong
  • Lamee
  • Royal Heritage Tripura Castle Restaurant
  • Trattoria.



  hotels recommended by rajshree upadhyaya


  • Ri Kanaan Resort
  • Silver Brook Shillong Homestay
  • Snigdhas Guest House
  • Blissful Eyrie
  • The Eee Cee Hotel


  • Hotel Ashutosh Inn
  • Hotel Pegasus Crown
  • Hotel Barbareek
  • The Majestic Hotel
  • Hotel Travellers Inn



  • Polo Orchid Resort, Cherrapunji
  • Ri Kynjai – Serenity by the lake
  • Novotel: 5 Star Hotel
  • Kiranshree Grand
  • Hotel Dynasty

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