‘Cultural capital of India’ – Bihar, one of the famous tourist attractions on the international front today. A land where Lord Buddha succeeded in achieving enlightenment., a land that very well defines the unique blend of cultural treasures, traditional heritages and Buddhist pilgrimages to let the visitor experience tranquility peace and fun.




Bihar, the oldest ground of Buddha and bystander of India’s golden time. It is the place that first welcomed the republic in India and which took the first step towards democracy. Magadh, Mithila, and Bhojpur are the three distinct regions of Bihar with having their own diverse culture and history. Bihar is located in the eastern region of India. The capital of Bihar is Patna.


Places to Visit

Bodh Gaya

The best-known voyage sites for Buddhists. In the state of Bihar, Bodhgaya is a village. Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment under the bodhi tree in Bodhgaya. It also draws tourists from India and abroad because of its magnificent Buddha statue, the Mahabodhi Temple, and the Bodhi tree.


Best Time: October to March




One of the ancient cities in the world.  Patna Sahib Gurudwara, Patna Planetarium, the Highcourt, Golghar, Secretariat Building, and Padri ki Haveli are the major attractions of Patna. The capital city of Bihar is a popular place for tourists and a gateway journey site for  Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists because of its great religious and spiritual importance.


Best Time: October to March



One of the world’s earliest and finest residential universities, which is an architectural masterpiece. This land was the oldest Mahavihara, a large and worship Buddhist monastery, in the antique kingdom of Magadha in India.  


Best Time: October to March



Vaishali’s name was given by  Raja Vishal of the Ramayana time. This land is known as the world’s first self-government land, like before the birth of Gautam Buddha. The important time of lord buddha of his life has been spent here and even today he comes on this land and he gave his last lecture in Vaishali.


Best Time: October to January



Madhubani painting ancestor is here in Madhubani and acknowledged as world popular. An ancient city, Madhubani in Bihar is known for the richness in art and culture that the district strives for mentioned in the Ramayana.


Best Time: October to February



Based in the north of Bihar Muzaffarpur, the litchi kingdom. It’s a large town of Bihar with Burhi Gandak River, with the rivers Bagmati and Lakhandaye. The town gets its name. Muzaffarpur from a revenue officer Muzaffar khan. From the capital city, Patna Muzaffarpur is located 75 km to the north. In Bihar, Muzaffarpur is the fourth most populous city. Shahi lychees are made in Muzaffarpur which is famous here. Hinduism, Islam and Nepali culture are largely influenced in Muzaffarpur. The popular food of Muzaffarpur is Kadhi Bari, Ghugni, Choora, Dhuska, Litti, Pitta.


Best Time: December to February



The silk city, with the third biggest city of Bihar Bhagalpur, lies on the southern banks of the river Ganges. It is a big educational center, and also a commercial and political center. From the east of Patna, Bhagalpur city is situated at a route of about 250 km.  Angika and Hindi are the languages used in Bhagalpur city and are the important languages in Bhagalpur. As the progress of the city is so rapid it will Soon be a smart city.


Best time: October to March



A beautiful spiritual town whose sceneries carries clue of spirituality and dynamic value of past with channel of both Buddhism and Jainism. Among the dense forest and dark cave and springs. Rajgir is a spiritual town gird with rocks dune and set in a green canyon. Majorly dedicated to Buddhism and Jainism as a religious destination. Giving a large spiritual and religious importance both Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavir had spent time here in Rajgir. Nourishing in its serenity you can visit many foundations, temples, and sites in Rajgir.


Best Time: October to March


Delectable dishes of Bihar

dishes recommended by rajshree upadhyaya


  • Bihari kebab
  • Litti chokha
  • Chandrakala
  • Naivedyam 
  • Chana ghugni
  • Khaja
  • Kesar peda
  • Laung latika
  • Dal peetha
  • Khajuria
  • Malpua
  • Kadhi badi
  • Rasia
  • Kala janum
  • Khurma and laktho
  • Balushahi
  • Bihari boti
  • Bihari chicken masala
  • Sattu parathaish curry
  • Posta-dana ka halwa.


Best Places to Eat

restaurant recommended by rajshree upadhyaya

  • Mainland china
  • Bansi Vihar restaurant
  • Kapil dev’s Eleven
  • Basant Vihar
  • Gandhali restaurant
  • Bollywood treats
  • Blue moon
  • Swaaddesh
  • 17 Degrees, Patna
  • Tibetan om cafe
  • Bodhgaya city cafe
  • Spice court
  • Dominos pizza
  • Barbeque nation
  • Aasman
  • Mohammad restaurant
  • Gurunanak cafeteria
  • Hotel Punjab Dhaba



hotels recommended by rajshree upadhyaya



  • Treebo trend city inn
  • Fab hotel grand Sheela mithapur
  • Lumbini international
  • Mani international
  • Jyoti guest house




  • Hotel patliputra nirvana
  • Fab express royal residency
  • Bodh Vilas
  • Ashoka grand
  • Windsor 




  • Maya heritage
  • Element questline
  • The royal residency
  • Bodhgaya regency
  • The panache
  • Lemon tree premier Patna


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