Top 6 Apps to Help You Get Fit

Whether you are working out to lose extra pounds this season or you want to cultivate a more active and healthy lifestyle, your smartphone will help you to achieve your fitness goals. Here are the top six apps which will help you to get fit.


1 Google Fit

Google Fit is a bit of a feeble selection, but it’s exceptionally useful and it’s one of the best free fitness apps. It alone can do a lot of things. You can easily use the point system and active minutes to track your fitness levels.

2 MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is one of the most well-known fitness apps on smartphones. It promotes itself as a calorie counter app.

3 Sworkit



Sworkit is an excellent workout app, fitness tracker, and even you can also make an exercise plan through it.

4 You Are Your Own Gym


Also known as YAYOG, it is a fitness app that will definitely help if you are looking to workout at home.

5 Work it

This app is the amalgamation of a strength training app and workout tracker.

6 Healthifyme

What is HealthifyMe Premium?

The HealthifyMe app with over 5 Million users is free to download and use. Premium plans along with personal coaching are recommended for users looking to see better results in weight loss, building muscles, toning up, or controlling medical conditions. The personalized diet and fitness plans are designed to deliver faster results in a healthy way.

The science behind HEALTHIFYME diet plans

At HealthifyMe believe in healthy practices and encourage users not to follow crash, starvation diets, and instead opt for healthy weight loss, weight gain and muscle building. Once a user goes Premium, healthify me dieticians understand the lifestyle challenges, food preferences, allergies, and other key details to create a personalized diet plan that fits in their lifestyle.

Gyms vs home-based workouts

New to working out? Our experts advise starting with bodyweight exercises to prepare your body for more intense workouts in the gym. While personal fitness trainers encourage users to follow workouts that can be done anywhere and anytime, the workout plans are designed as per your fitness levels starting from home workouts, posture correction, yoga, and gym routines.

 Is HealthifyMe only a weight loss app?
HealthifyMe is not limited to just weight loss. During your initial app experience, you get to chose your health goal – lose weight, be fitter, gain muscle, or run better. The app also caters to those with medical conditions and lifestyle disorders. The calorie counter, water tracker, and fitness trackers in the app help you track the calories in your meal, daily water intake, calorie burnt via steps, exercises and more.

Holistic weight loss

Our weight loss methods are backed by science and facilitate healthy living by personalized diet plans and exercise routines that are designed exclusively for you and fit in your daily lifestyle. We make minor lifestyle modifications, help create healthy habits to help you achieve much more than just weight loss.


Rajshree Upadhyaya

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