Top 10 female wardrobe essentials

Here is the top 10 pick for you:

1 A plain white tee

plain white tee

A plain white tee is not only useful for a casual day out but can be mix with a jacket that can make a perfect outfit for you.

2 Simple stud earrings


Simple stud earrings are accurate for the casual day out, formal meetings, and more.

3 An authoritative leather belt

You can easily pair it up with the pair of denim, mini dress, or a formal suit.

4 A scarf

scarfIt’s an amazing accessory to brighten up an outfit.

5 A leather jacket

leather jacketMake your look quite cool and badass.

6 Simple Flats

They will give a correct look on any day.

7 A white formal shirt

A white formal shirt after adding some outstanding styles will be awesome to have.

8 A Tote Bag

It will help in casual as well as workdays.

9 A Kurti for daily wear

A Kurti will give you a different look.

10 Black Pants

Needless to say, black pants will make you look more awesome.

This is my list of Top 10 female wardrobe-essentials share yours in the comment section below.


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