Top 10 essentials for the spring season

Here are the top 10 essentials for the spring season. Have a look.

1 White Jeans:

White Jeans

It will help you feel bright and fresh for the longer days and because of the white base whichever color you are going to wear at the top will always stand out.

2 Ankle Strap Sandals:

Ankle Strap Sandals

The sandals will add extra height and are very feminine as well.

3 Statement Accessory:

Statement Accessory

A statement acessory like belt bag or statement bag will be perfect.

4 Layered Necklaces:

Layered Necklaces

Layered Necklaces make you look unique and different.

5 Belted Trousers:

Belted Trousers

High waisted trousers with a variety of soft colors are the best ones.

6 Midi Dress:

Midi Dress

In last months, printed midis have become the new trend.

7 Oversize Hoodie:

Oversize Hoodie

It makes you feel athletic.

8 Polka Dot Top:

Polka Dot Top

It’s a simple way to be classic.

9 Lip Conditioner:

lip conditioner

It helps to nurture your lips.

10 Sun Protection:


It keeps your skin safe and must for spring.

So this was the Top 10 essentials for the spring season by yours truly                ( Rajshree Upadhyaya) let me know in the comment section below what are your favorite essentials for the spring season.



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