Top 10 essential for the Rainy Season

Here are the top ten essentials you need for the rainy season:

1 Water Proof Make up:

rainy season essentials_10

For ladies, carrying makeup is a must thing. In the rainy season, you need to replace all your items like eyeliner, lip balm, etc with a waterproof make up.

2 Quick Dry Clothing:

rainy season essentials_9

It doesn’t matter whether you are going on a tour or short trip, packing quick-dry clothing with you is a must.

3 Small towels and tissues:

rainy season essentials_8

Small towels and tissues will keep you safe from the wet day.

4 Waterproof Covers:

rainy season essentials_7

You must also keep safe the other things with you, for that purpose waterproof covers will help you.

5 Raincoat:

rainy season essentials_6

A stylish raincoat is the one and only accessory you should have which can keep your style game on.

6 Water:

rainy season essentials_5

Water is very essential to keep you healthy all the time, so keep yourself hydrated.

7 Sanitizers:

rainy season essentials_4

A sanitizer is a perfect choice for sanitation which will keep you safe from diseases.

8 Leather or rubber footwear:

rainy season essentials_3

Leather boots or waterproof pairs is the best choice.

9 Frizz Control Hair Spray:

rainy season essentials_2

It will help in protecting your hair from humidity.

10 Waterproof bags:

rainy season essentials_1

Keep your other accessories safe.




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