Skincare Routine In Summers

During summers, your dry skin gets patchy and also causes skin damage. So, it’s important to follow a particular skincare routine that will help you to protect your skin as well as sustain your skin glow.

  • Face care: Keep your face clean from sweat and dust. For that, you can wash your face three to four times a day. You can also use the natural face wash or rose water.

  • Use sunscreens: Sunscreen will help in protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays whenever your skin is exposed to the sunlight.

  • Natural remedies: Nature has provided us a variety of solutions and it’s time to use them. Tomatoes and lemons are very good for it. You can make a paste of tomato and scrub it on your face on alternate days and wash your face after it gets dry.

  • Take Proper Diet: What we eat has a huge role to play in how we look. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Keep yourself hydrated with water with at least take an intake of eight to ten glasses a day.

Although there are so many tips to keep your skin on the point these are the basics to be followed on a daily basis.

Keep shining!


Rajshree Upadhyaya

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