Dont dare to miss these steps if you want healthy skin

Always clean your skin in the morning. Washing your face with cold water is the best way to do that.
Choose gentle cleansers; don’t pick a product that strips the skin. Considering its smooth texture,  I prefer a foaming face wash.
If you’re in a pinch, it’s OK to even just wash with water.
Make sure to use SPF in the morning, whether it’s a lightweight or heavy-duty formulation. Always apply sunscreen no matter what the season is, what the place is. Whether its summer-winter, inside or outside. Sunscreen is a must. The UV rays are damaging your skin every time and are one of the major causes of pre-aging. 
Apply SPF before makeup. And before at least 20 mins of stepping out of your house.
Follow this order: cleanser, serum, sunblock, moisturizer. The best order to layer up your skin.
Oily surface promotes acne growth. So go oil-free with your products and cleansers if you’re acne-prone. Also, wash your face every 4 hours in summers to strip off that extra oil. 
Moisturize only as much as your skin needs depending on dryness. As excess of anything is not good.
Be careful with scrubs; they can cause micro-tears in the skin. The preferable usage of scrubs is twice a month. Rest depends on your exposure to pollution one can increase or decrease the usage of scrubs.
Always take off your makeup at night. Eyes are the most sensitive part of the face and sleeping all night with makeup on is definitely not a good idea.
Makeup remover pads are your friend.
Avocado face masks are good. But if you don’t have access to avocados, any face mask is better. Face masks cooldowns your skin.
And coconut oil is a great, natural moisturizer for the body.
Remember tans are not good for your skin. A tan means DNA is breaking.
If you have pigmentation, use prescription remedies for only a limited amount of time.
Natural products including licorice and mushroom extract are also good ways to address pigmentation issues.
To combat acne, over-the-counter products work — but moisturize to compensate for the dryness they cause.
For blackheads or cysts, turn to a low-percentage alpha-hydroxy treatment.
If you have significant problems with acne, see a professional.
Find your preferred antiaging cream; it’s time to use it.
At night, apply the serum.
Then add moisturizer.
Learn to love collagen-promoting products. Collagen keeps the skin thick and youthful-looking.
You don’t need Botox until you see wrinkles on your face at rest. And then you still don’t need it.
Don’t overdo it on procedures. You don’t want to be in your 30s with a frozen face.
Facials can be particularly effective to treat antiaging if they include light Fraxel laser treatment, a targeted process that works under the skin to reduce wrinkles and promote collagen.
Pay attention to what you eat. Vitamin-packed foods are good for your skin.
Exercise at least 30 mins a day.
Stay hydrated; water is necessary for good skin, but drinking it in excess doesn’t have major effects.
Good night sleep is a must.
Don’t stress — every age is beautiful.
Rajshree Upadhyaya

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