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Vibrant shades of Kajal By Bella Voste

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Even if you are silent …..your eyes are speaking…

Dress your eyes beautifully and take your look to a whole new level of beauty by emphasizing your Eyes!

The Creamy Texture of Their Mechanical Pencil for Eyes Delivers Intense Pigment while it Moisturizes.

The Formula is Renowned for its Lasting Power.

Illuminate your Eyes with a Variety of 6 Mesmerising Eye Shades. I bought 4 of them

Easy way to Line the Top and Lower Lash Line of the Eye.

For a Thin Precision Line, Apply at 90 Degree Angle. For Thicker Application apply at a Flat Angle.

How to Use:-

On the Upper Lid, Draw a neat Stroke, Starting from the Inner Corner of the Eye and Extending Outwards.

Repeat on Lower Lid as well.

For a Better Look Use Along with Bella Voste High Definition Mascara.

How to Remove:-

Wipe with a Cotton Pad Soaked with Bella Voste Aqua Makeup Remover. The Shades Are: ROYAL BREEZEROSE WINEFRENCH ROASTGRAND RAPIDS

Key Points of this Eye Liner/Kajal:-

1) It is Waterproof, Smudge Proof, and Provides Complete Coverage.
2) It is Available in Variety of Shades to Choose From (6 Shades).
3) Its Stays on for unto 10 hrs so Super Long Lasting.
4) It’s available at an affordable rate of just Rs. 249/-.
5) It is Dermatologically & Ophthalmologically tested.
6) Easy to Blend for a Smokey Eye Look.
7) Free of Mineral Oil, Paraffins, Preservatives and Animal Derived Ingredients.
8) Enriched With Jojoba Oil.
9) Confirms the USA, European and Japanese Regulations.

10) Made in Germany.

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Valid Till 28th Feb 2018

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