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Premium brands worth 2700/- for 399/- in December GlamEgo box

Hey Beautiful ladies,

Do you love subscription boxes? Do you love trying different makeup and skincare products? But are hesitant because of the price of those subscription boxes? Well then this post is for all those subscription box lovers. Here is India’s most affordable subscription box. It retails for just Rs.399. But is that worth the money? Because at the end of the day, that is what matters. If you are interested to know about it then stay tuned for my most honest opinions about galmego box.

About glamego

What glamego claims:

glamego is India’s top online subscription service, which is “personalised beauty box”.

Every month subscription box is hand-picked by our awesome in-house experts as per your beauty profile. Subscribing to GlamEgo will allow you to Explore & Experience best beauty products from well-known luxury brands and upcoming niche brands at your doorstep, every month.


My take on glamego
Looking at the hype of the box I was eager to get my hands on it and wanted to give it a try hence I got december box .

About Packaging
Outer packaging
The box comes in a brown cardboard box for shipping purpose.

Inner packaging
The boxes are theme based boxes and in december they had aqua blue box with a picture of santa on it . Giving it a christmas feeling.

Inner most packaging 
They have four products with a mix of beauty and skin care. placed on wood wool for extra products’ safety .

My experience with glamego

I am one of those who are pretty much fond of trying new products and since they come in a bunch in subscriptions boxes thats the main reason of me subscribing the subscription boxes. Looking at the lowest prices glamego is in top of my list and becomes the most affordable subscription box till date.I have subscribed the box for one month and I am glad that I did it in december ( Christmas – New year month) . I love the aqua blue packaging with santa on it . 

What I got in Glamego Box

Golden eye mask

This is something new to me and I litterally got my hands first time on it . The nano-gold particles added in Mond’sub gold eye mask enables the latter of great cell activating capacity. This is because the nano-gold particles are only 1/2000 as large as pores, very easy to penetrate into the dermis.

Glo Illuminator
Price Rs 2100/-

The most trending product of manna kadar which was featured in lpsy and Birch box excusively introduced in india with Glamego Box. IT CAN MIXED IN ANY DAILY CREAM YOU APPLY FOR AN AMAZING DEWY FRESH & GLOWIE LOOK. For those who desire a more dewy look apply this product with your daily routine cream or foundation or BB cream. – The product values for 2100/- and that too a product which can be used on daily basis. – In, the cost of product is 2137/- + import taxes – This glo-illuminator is perfect for every day look. – College look.. Office look for a party look , coz of its sparkly texture you can apply more or directly or use as a highlighter too.

Sea Clay Mask

An organic natural bath & body brand which is known for its trendy natural fragrance and ingredients.Sea clay face mask is perfect for winter to moisturize your skin and to rejuvenate it. It removes the dead skin and makes it clean

Bio Bloom Foot Cream

Enriched with Eucalyptus oil, this foot cream from Biobloom is a relaxing but potent moisturizer. It heals chapped skin on your heels and leaves your feet looking fresh & rejuvenated.

Over all thought about glamego
Looking at the prices and the products and ofcourse the winter season, for me it was a worth buying deal. I got four skin care products at Rs 399 which actually costs Rs 2700/- So for me it was a yoyo deal ❤❤❤❤

Rajshree Upadhyaya

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